14 November-The Chieftains

Martin Fay was a musician who was a native of Dublin. A fiddle player, he was one of the founders of the traditional Irish band, the Chieftains. The Chieftains helped popularise Irish music across the world. Their genres include Traditional Irish, Irish folk and Celtic.

Martin Joseph Fay was born in Cabra, Dublin on September 19th 1936. He trained as a classical musician and played the violin the orchestra of the Abbey Theatre. In 1963, with Paddy Moloney, Sean Potts and Michael Tubridy Martin Fay founded the Chieftains. He remained a member of the band until his retirement in 2002.

Martin Fay, musician and founding member of the Irish band, the Chieftains, died in Dublin in the year 2012 On This Day.

The Chieftains photo

The Chieftains 13 Nov 2005 UCH 1

Photo by gabig58





13 November-Defibrillator

Paul Zoll was a cardiologist and medical researcher who was a native of the USA. He is referred to as the Father of Cardiac Electrotherapy for his pioneering work in the development of the cardiac defibrillator. His research also led the improvement of pacemakers, and other cardiac devices.

Paul Maurice Zoll was born in Boston, Massachusetts on July 15th 1911. Having graduated from Harvard Medical School in 1936 he worked in hospitals in New York and Boston. Whilst working as a cardiologist during World War II he became interested in how the heart responded to the slightest touch.

When the war was over Zoll returned to Boston. He began to develop methods to treat heart attacks without opening the chest. At Beth Israel Hospital in 1952 he restated the hearts of two patients via electrodes on the chest. His discovery led to the development of the defibrillator. The use of the defibrillator became common in ambulances and emergency rooms.

Paul Zoll, cardiologist and medical researcher, became the first person to use electric shock to treat cardiac arrest at Beth Israel Hospital, Boston, in the year 1952 On This Day.




12 November-John McGahern

John McGahern was an award winning writer who was a native of Ireland. Regarded as one of the country’s most eminent writers he is best known for novels such as ‘The Barracks’, ‘The Dark’ and ‘Amongst Women’. McGahern also produced short stories and plays for radio, television, and the stage.

John McGahern was born near Ballinamore, Co Leitrim in 1934. Having qualified as teacher he was appointed to the staff of a primary school in Clontarf, Co Dublin. Following the publication of ‘The Dark’ in 1965 McGahern was dismissed from his teaching post on the order of John Charles McQuaid, Archbishop of Dublin. McGahern went on to have a successful writing career. He also worked as a visiting professor at several universities.

John McGahern, award winning writer best known for novels such as ‘The Barracks’, ‘The Dark’ and ‘Amongst Women’, was born in Co Leitrim in the year 1934 On This Day.

Ballinamore, Co. Leitrim Locomotive Yard



11 November-Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly was an outlaw who was a native of Australia. During the 1870’s he became a notorious bushranger (a thief who lived in the Australian bush) whose activities created a sensation in Australia. He also became famous for wearing a bulletproof suit of armour during his last shootout with police.

Ned Kelly was born in Beveridge, Victoria, Australia in 1855. His father, who was from Co Tipperary, Ireland died when Ned was twelve years old. Ned left school to work on the farm but was in trouble with the law by the time he was fourteen.

In 1878 there was a violent confrontation with a policeman at the Kelly home. Kelly’s mother was imprisoned and Kelly fled to the bush with his brother and two associates. Three policemen who were pursuing them were shot. The Kelly gang became involved in bank robberies and began wearing homemade bulletproof armour.

In 1880 they took over the town of Glenrowan about 236km (212 miles) north-east of Melbourne. In the gun battle with police which followed Ned Kelly, though seriously wounded was the only survivor. He was later tried, convicted and sentenced to death.

Ned Kelly, an outlaw who was a native of Australia, was hanged in Melbourne in the year 1880 On This Day.

Statue of Bushranger Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly’s armour


10 November-Windows 1.0

Windows is a computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft Corporation is a technology company which was founded by Bill Gates and Paul Allen in 1976. It is a multinational corporation which has its headquarters in Redmond, Washington, USA.

The Microsoft Corporation was registered on November 26th 1976. Today Microsoft is a global company with over 131,000 employees. Over 2,000 people are employed by Microsoft at its campus in Leopardstown Co Dublin. Bill Gates introduced Windows 1.0 in 1983. Since then updated versions of Windows have been released to meet the need of the computer industry. The latest version, Windows 10, was released in July 2015.

Windows 1.0 was presented to the public by Bill Gates of the Microsoft Corporation in the year 1983 On This Day.