06 August-Daniel O’Connell

Daniel O’Connell was a native of Co Kerry, Ireland. Known as ‘The Liberator’ he led the campaign for Catholic Emancipation and the repeal of the Acts of Union during the first half of the 19th century. He was known a famous orator and became a popular leader.

Having qualified as a barrister O’Connell became involved in politics. He believed in the use of peaceful tactics to achieve change and led the successful campaign for Catholic Emancipation. He was elected as MP for Clare in 1828 but was not allowed to take his seat until the passing of the Catholic Relief Act of 1829.

Following his re-election in 1829 O’Connell became one of the first Catholics in modern history to sit in the British House of Commons. He went on to lead the campaign to repeal the Act of Union. During the 1840’s he held ‘monster meetings’ around Ireland as part of the campaign. Due to age and ill-health he left Ireland for Rome in 1847. He died in Genoa. His body was returned to Ireland and buried in Glasnevin cemetery.

Daniel O’Connell, 19th century Irish political leader who was known as ‘The Liberator’ was born in the year 1775 On This Day.



05 August-Richard Burton

Richard Burton was an acclaimed stage and screen actor who was a native of Wales. He was nominated for an Oscar on seven occasions and was the winner of Golden Globe and Tony Awards for best actor. Burton was married on five occasions, twice to the actress Elizabeth Taylor.

Richard Burton was born Richard Walter Jenkins in Pontrhydfen, Wales on November 10th 1925. His mother died when he was two years and Burton was raised by his older sister. He was awarded a scholarship to attend Oxford University and served in the British Airforce during World War II.

On stage Burton gained acclaim as a Shakespearean actor. He made his film debut in 1949 and became famous for his roles in films such as ‘The Spy who Came in From the Cold’ (1965) and ‘Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf’ (1966).

Richard Burton, acclaimed stage and screen actor, who was a native of Wales died in Switzerland in the year 1984 On This Day.

Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor



05 August-Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe was an actress, model, and singer who was a native of America. During her short career she starred in thirty films. Her films grossed millions of dollars and Monroe became one of the biggest sex symbols in the world. However in an interview in 1962 she stated: ‘That’s the trouble, a sex symbol becomes a thing. I just hate to be a thing’.

Marilyn Monroe was born Norma Jeane Mortenson in Los Angeles, California on June 1st 1926. Having had a successful career as a model she began her acting career in 1946. During the 1950’s she became a popular actress and starred in films such as ‘Monkey Business’ and ‘Don’t Bother to Knock’.

In 1953 the first issue of Playboy had Marilyn Monroe as a centrefold. Her appearance caused controversy but she continued her successful acting career. She appeared in films such as ‘Some Like It Hot’ in 1959 for which she won a Golden Globe Award. She died from a drug overdose before her last film, ‘Something’s Got to Give’ was completed.

Marilyn Monroe, actress, model and singer died at her home in Los Angeles, California in the year 1962 On This Day.

Marilyn Monroe

04 August-Willaim Rowan Hamilton

William Rowan Hamilton was a physicist and mathematician who was a native of Dublin, Ireland. He is best known as the inventor of Quaternions. On October 16th 1843 whilst walking with his wife along the banks of the Royal Canal in Dublin he realised that the solution to three-dimensional geometry was in quadruplets. He carved his equation (i2 = j2 = k2 = ijk = −1) onto a stone on Broom Bridge with his penknife. His invention is used in areas such as computer graphics and control theory.

William Rowan Hamilton was born in Dublin in 1805. At the age of 18 he entered Trinity College Dublin where he studied classics and mathematics. He was awarded an MA in 1837 and was appointed Professor of Astronomy. Following his appointment he resided at Dunsink Observatory in Castleknock, Dublin. He died aged 60 in 1865.

William Rowan Hamilton, mathematician and astronomer, was born in Dublin in the year 1805 On This Day.

William Rowan Hamilton portrait oval combined.png

William Rowan Hamilton