06 October-Maeve Kyle

Maeve Kyle is a native of Kilkenny, Ireland. In 1956 became the first female athlete to represent Ireland at the Olympic Games in Sydney. She also competed in the Rome Olympics of 1960 and the Tokyo Olympics of 1964.

During her career Kyle competed in the 100m and 200m, 400m and 800m events. She won a bronze medal in the European Indoor Athletics Championships in Dortmund in 1966. She also competed in other sports including tennis, swimming, sailing and cricket. Kyle also played hockey. She was selected to play for Ireland on 58 occasions.

Maeve Kyle, Ireland’s first female Olympian, was born in Kilkenny in the year 1928 On This Day.

Maeve Kyle

Maeve Kyle, courtesy of the BBC



30 July-MGM Lion Jackie

The Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer uses a lion as its mascot. The first lion used was born in Dublin Zoo on March 20th 1919. Known as Slats he made his first appearance in 1924 for the film ‘He Who Gets Slapped’. Slats was the only MGM lion not to roar as his appearance took place during the era of silent movies.

Slats appeared on all MGM films between 1924 and 1928. He died in 1936 having sired 24 cubs. Following his retirement in 1928 Slats was replaced by Jackie. It was at the time of the advent of sound in the movies and Jackie was the first lion to be heard roar. He retired in 1931. Since Jackie five other lions have been used for the MGM logo.

Jackie the lion roared for the first time to introduce first MGM talking movie in the year 1928 On This Day.

Leo the MGM Lion’s Ryan Brougham




24 May-William Trevor

William Trevor was a novelist, playwright and short story writer who was a native of Co Cork, Ireland. He won the Whitbread Prize on three occasions and was the recipient of numerous other awards. Trevor received an honorary knighthood for his services to literature on December 4th 2002. He was a member of Aosdána.

William Trevor was born William Trevor Cox in Mitchelstown, County Cork in 1928. He graduated from Trinity College Dublin, with a degree in history in 1950. Trevor worked as a schoolteacher for a time before moving to live in England in 1954. He became a full-time writer in 1964 following the success of his novel ‘The Old Boys’. He went on to write more than 15 novels and several short stories. He died at the age of 88 at his home in Somerset, England on November 20th 2016.

William Trevor was born in the year 1928 On This Day.

William Trevor photo

Photo by dalcrose





23 May-Rosemary Clooney

Rosemary Clooney was a singer, and actress who was a native of Kentucky, USA. She was the aunt of actor George Clooney. Her ancestors lived in the village of Windgap, Co Kilkenny Ireland. Clooney’s great-grandfather, Nicholas Clooney, emigrated to America in 1852. The family settled in Kentucky.

Rosemary Clooney was born in Maysville, Kentucky in 1928. She made her singing debut at the age of 13 and toured with a big band during the 1940’s. She had her first big hit with ‘Come On-a My House’ in 1951. She starred with Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye in ‘White Christmas’ in 1954.

Following a period during the 1960’s, when her career ran into difficulties, Rosemary Clooney returned to performing in 1977. She made her comeback when she appeared with Bing Crosby to mark his 50 years in show business. She continued to perform for the rest of her life and was awarded the Society of Singers Lifetime Achievement Award in 1998. She died at the age of 74 on June 29th 2002.

Rosemary Clooney was born in the year 1928 On This Day.

Rosemary Clooney on the US tv show, What’s My Line