13 September-Commodore John Barry

John Barry was born in Tacumshane County Wexford on March 25th 1745. His family were forced to leave Wexford and they settled in America. Often referred to as the ‘Father of the American Navy’ Barry was given his first Captain’s commission in 1776. He was appointed the first Commodore of the US Navy by President George Washington. John Barry died at Strawberry Hill, Philadelphia in the year 1803 On This Day

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Commodore John Barry photo

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02 September-J R Tolkien

The book The Lord of the Rings by J R Tolkien may have been influenced by his visits to the Burren in County Clare. J R Tolkien was a writer, poet and Professor of English Literature at Merton College, Oxford, England. He was appointed external examiner at the English Department at University College Galway in 1949. He held the post until the mid-fifties and frequently visited the Burren district. The Burren landscape is unusual and among the many features of this district is a cave called Poll na Gollum. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien who was born in South Africa died aged 81 at his home in Bournemouth, England in the year 1973 On This Day

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