25 July-In Vitro Fertilisation

Louise Browne is known for being the first person in the world to be conceived through in vitro fertilisation (IVF). Though often referred to as the world’s first ‘test tube baby’, her conception actually occurred in a petri dish. When Louise Joy Browne was born at Oldham General Hospital, England in 1978, her birth made headlines around the world. Her sons Cameron (born 2006) and Aiden Patrick (born 2013) were conceived naturally.

Lesley Browne and her husband John, had been trying to conceive for several years. Lesley underwent an in vitro procedure and conceived successfully in November 1977. The procedure was developed by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edwards. Edwards was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2010 for his work on the development of in vitro fertilization. By the time the award was made Steptoe had died and the Nobel Prize is not awarded posthumously.

Louise Brown, known as the world’s first ‘test-tube baby’, was born at Oldham General Hospital, England in the year 1978 On This Day.

Oocyte with Zona pellucida

24 July-Judge John Garavan

John Garavan was a native of Castlebar Co Mayo, Ireland. He served as district court judge in Co Galway for more than two decades. During his time on the bench Judge Garavan is reported to have often cracked jokes and engaged in banter. His remarks sometimes caused controversy.

In 2000, Cuba nightclub in Galway applied for an extension of its opening hours. Sitting in court to hear the application the judge remarked, ‘I hear from respectable young men that they can’t meet nice respectable girls in these nightclubs. The girls they meet there are dreadful, at least that is what I am told’. He refused the application and his remark caused controversy. Judge Garavan stepped down from the bench in 2003.

Judge John Garavan refused to extend late night opening hours in a Galway nightclub, because the women frequenting them are ‘dreadful and not respectable’, in the year 2000 On This Day.

Galway City



23 July-St Vincents Hospital

St. Vincent’s Hospital is located at Elm Park on the south side of Dublin City, Ireland. Founded in 1834 by Mother Mary Aikenhead of the Religious Sisters of Charity, it was renamed St. Vincent’s University Hospital in 1999. It is a major teaching hospital and a principal teaching hospital of University College Dublin.

St. Vincent’s Hospital was first established at 56 St Stephen’s Green, Dublin in 1834. The hospital expanded rapidly, becoming a training school for nurses and doctors. In 1852 Florence Nightingale visited St Vincent’s to observe the work of the Sisters of Charity. The hospital moved to Elm Park in 1970 and today it is a major academic teaching hospital.

St. Vincent’s Hospital, a major teaching hospital and a principal teaching hospital of University College Dublin, was established in the year 1834 On This Day.

Hospital main entrance

St Vincents Hospital, Main Entrance

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22 July-Rose Kennedy

Rose Kennedy was the mother of President John F Kennedy. Often referred to as the matriarch of the Kennedy clan, she was a well-known philanthropist and socialite. Her husband Joseph P Kennedy was a successful businessman who served as United States Ambassador to Great Britain.

Rose Kennedy was born Rose Elizabeth Fitzgerald in Boston in 1890. Her father was Mayor of Boston. She married Joseph Kennedy in 1914 and the couple had nine children. In the 1940’s two of her children died and in the 1960’s John and Bobby were assassinated. Ted Kennedy served in the Senate of the United States for over 46 years. Rose Kennedy died in 1995 aged 104.

Rose Kennedy, mother of President John F Kennedy was born in Boston in the year 1890 On This Day.

Rose Kennedy 1967.JPG

Rose Kennedy

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