04 September-Bishop Birch of Ossary

Right Reverend Peter Birch served as Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Ossary for 17 years (1964-1981). The diocese, which contains Kilkenny city is located in the southeast of Ireland. It was established in 1111 AD. St Mary’s Cathedral in Kilkenny City is the episcopal seat of the Bishop of Ossary.

Peter Birch was born in Tullowgalss, Jenkinstown, Co Kilkenny in 1911. He was educated locally and at St Kieran’s College in Kilkenny City. He later studied for the priesthood at St Patrick’s College, Maynooth and was ordained in 1937. He returned to Kilkenny to teach at St Kieran’s College. During his time at St Kieran’s he wrote a history of the college.

In 1964 Peter Birch was appointed Bishop of Ossary. He served as bishop of the diocese until his death on March 7th 1981. The Ossary Diocesan Social Services were established during his time as Bishop.

Bishop Peter Birch, who was Roman Catholic Bishop of Ossary in southeast Ireland from 1964 to 1981, was born in the year 1911 On This Day.

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16 August-Cardinal Moran

Patrick Francis Moran, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Sydney and first Australian Cardinal was a native of Co Carlow, Ireland. During his lifetime he played a leading role in church matters in Ireland and abroad. Following his appointment as Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal Moran had a major influence on the affairs of the Catholic Church in Australia and New Zealand.

Patrick Francis Moran was born in Leighlinbridge Co Carlow on September 16th 1830. Moran’s mother died when he was just fourteen months old. When he was 11 his father died. He lived for a short time with relatives near Leighlinbridge before moving to Rome to live with his uncle, Paul Cullen who was then rector of the Irish College in the city. Following minor seminary Moran studied for the priesthood at the Pontifical Irish College in Rome. He was ordained a priest on March 19th 1853. Having studied later under the Jesuits he was awarded his Ph. D by acclamation. By the age of 25 he spoke several languages and was fluent in French, German, Spanish and Irish.

Having worked for a time at the Irish College in Rome, Moran returned to Ireland in 1866 as secretary to his uncle Cardinal Paul Cullen who was then Archbishop of Dublin. He was later appointed Professor of Scripture at Clonliffe College in Dublin. In 1872 Moran was appointed Bishop of Ossory. He served in Kilkenny for 12 years during which time St Kieran’s College was extended.

In 1884 Moran was personally chosen by Pope Leo XIII as bishop of the Archdiocese of Sydney. He was created Cardinal-Priest the following year. Cardinal Moran played an active role in both church and civil affairs in Australia where he lived for the remainder of his life retuning only twice to Carlow. He travelled to all the dioceses of Australia and New Zealand. He dedicated cathedrals in places such as Melbourne and Auckland. He was a strong advocate for education, civil rights and female suffrage.

Following a visit to Perth in Western Australia in 1911 Cardinal Moran died at the age of 80 at his residence in Manly, Sydney. A bronze statue of the Cardinal by Bertram Mackennal, stands outside St Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney.

Cardinal Patrick Francis Moran, native of Leighlinbridge, Carlow and Archbishop of Sydney died in the year 1911 On This Day.

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