06 October-Judge Mella Carroll

Mella Carroll was the first female judge to serve on the High Court of Ireland. She was called to the position in 1980. When she retired in 2005 she was the longest serving judge of the High Court. During her career in the High Court, Judge Carroll delivered a number of important decisions.

Mella Elizabeth Laurie Carroll was born in Dublin on March 6th 1934. She was educated at the Sacred Heart Convent School on Leeson Street Dublin. She then attended University College Dublin and following graduation she studied law at the Honorable Society of King’s Inns in Dublin. She was called to the Bar in 1957, to the Bar of Northern Ireland in 1976 and became a Senior Counsel in 1977.

Mella Carroll became the first female judge of the High Court of Ireland in the year 1980 On This Day.

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