15 October – Frank O Meara

Reverie - Frank O'Meara

Reverie – Frank O’Meara

Artist Frank O Meara was born at 37 Dublin Street Carlow in 1853. Having completed his second level education in Carlow he moved to Dublin where he opted to study art instead of medicine. At the age of twenty he moved to Paris to study under the French painter Carolus-Duran. He visited the artist colonies of Barbizon and Grez-sur-Loing in the forest of Fontainebleau. He was a contemporary of Lavery and John Singer Sargent. He called one of his paintings ‘Towards Night and Winter’ and the critics regard it as his masterpiece. But it was the sale of his painting ‘Reverie’ at auction in London for almost half a million pounds sterling in the year 1999 that brought his work to the attention of a wider audience. Today paintings by Frank O Meara hang in places like the Ulster museum in Belfast and the Hugh Lane Gallery of Modern Art in Dublin. The artist returned to Carlow in 1888. He was suffering from malaria fever. He was only thirty five years old. Francis Joseph O Meara who is buried in the family plot in Bennekerry near Carlow died at his home in Dublin Street in the year 1888 On This Day


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