21 May-Greyhound Bus

Greyhound Bus is an intercity bus service which serves over 3,000 destinations across North America. The company has been in operation for over 100 years. It provides affordable travel for almost 18 million passengers annually. Greyhound has been the name of the company since the 1920’s and the greyhound running dog is one of the most-recognized brands in the world.

Greyhound was founded by Carl Eric Wickman and two others in 1914. The first route, carrying miners, was from Hibbing to Alice in the state of Minnesota. The company gradually expanded and by 1928 was making a gross annual income of $6 million. By then Greyhound buses were making transcontinental trips from California to New York.

Today, with a fleet of 1,700 vehicles and 7,500 employees, Greyhound serves 48 States in the USA and ten Canadian Provinces and Territories. Services are also operated to Mexico from southern USA. The company operates under the slogan: ‘Go Greyhound and Leave the Driving to Us’. ‘Our customers pay our wages. Please treat them with courtesy’ was printed on employees wage slips.

Greyhound also operates a Package Express service.

Greyhound Bus began service in Minnesota USA in the year 1914 On This Day.

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