27 May-Thomas Traynor

On the Dublin Road in Tullow, Co Carlow, Ireland there is a monument to Thomas Traynor. Traynor was a member of the garrison at Boland’s Mills during the Easter rising of 1916. He was imprisoned following the Rising. Following his release from prison Traynor played an active part in the Irish War of Independence

Thomas Traynor was born in in Cannon’s Quarter, Tullow in 1881. He was a boot maker by trade. He moved to Dublin from Carlow in 1916. Traynor was interned at Frongoch in Wales for his role in the Easter Rising of 1916. He was later imprisoned at the maximum security Wakefield Prison, West Yorkshire, England. In common with most of those interned and who had not received a prison sentence, Traynor was released in late December 1916 and returned to Dublin.

Following his return to Dublin Traynor took part in the war of independence. He was captured during a shoot-out with police and auxiliaries on March 24th 1921. At the time he was keeping watch outside 144 Brunswick Street (now Pearse Street), Dublin, where a meeting of volunteers was being held. Two members of the Dublin Metropolitan Police, Constable James O’Farrell and Cadet Bernard Beard together with volunteer Leo Hogan died in the fighting.

Thomas Traynor was taken prisoner. He was put on trial, found guilty of murder and was sentenced to be hanged. At the time Traynor was the father of ten children ranging in age from 18 years down to five months. He was hanged in Mountjoy Jail on April 25th 1921.

The day after Thomas Traynor was hanged a District Inspector in the Royal Irish Constabulary (RIC) in Tipperary, called Gilbert Potter, was shot dead in reprisal. In later years it emerged that a son of Thomas Traynor and a son of Gilbert Potter were commanders of destroyers in the same flotilla during World War II in the Far East. The monument to Thomas Traynor in Tullow was unveiled by his eldest son Frank Traynor on August 15th 1965.

Thomas Traynor was born in Tullow Co Carlow in the year 1881 On This Day.

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