09 June-Kyteler’s Inn Kilkenny City, Charles Dickens

Nicky Flynn, the great, great granddaughter of famous English author Charles Dickens is the proprietor of Kytelers Inn in Kilkenny city, Ireland. Kytelers Inn is one of the oldest inns in Ireland with a history dating back to 1263.

Charles Dickens himself visited Ireland on three occasions. He first came to Dublin on August 21st 1858 as part of a book tour. At the time he was a celebrity and gave readings of his books to packed theatres in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Limerick. He travelled by train to the various places he visited and wrote of his impressions of Ireland. Describing the view from his train whilst travelling from Dublin to Belfast he wrote: ‘Everything looks prosperous; the railway ride from Dublin [is] quite amazing; every cottage looking as if it had been white-washed the day before; and many with charming gardens, pretty kept with bright flowers’. Dickens came back to Ireland for another book tour in 1867 and again in 1869.

Though Kilkenny city was not on the itinerary of Charles Dickens, his descendent, Nicky Flynn, acquired Kytelers Inn in the city in 1986. Based in the heart of medieval Kilkenny its first owner was Dame Alice de Kyteler. She was married four times and became a wealthy lady, gained much notoriety and several enemies. She was accused of witchcraft and sentenced to be burnt at the stake. However she managed to escape to England and her inn was confiscated by the authorities. Down through the centuries Kytelers Inn has had a chequered history but is today a thriving institution.

Nicky Flynn carried out major refurbishment work and the mediaeval interior has been restored. Today Kytelers Inn is an award winning institution. Together with being a local service it is also a popular tourist attraction welcoming visitors from all over the world.

Charles John Huffam Dickens, great, great grandfather of the proprietor of Kytelers Inn in Kilkenny city died at the age of 58 in the year 1870 On This Day.

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