15 August-Angelus

The Angelus is a prayer recited three times during the day, 6am, noon and 6pm. It commemorates the Incarnation and is usually accompanied by the ringing of the Angelus bell. Though the current form of the Angelus dates from the mid 1500’s, the prayer has its origins in the 11th century.

In Ireland the ringing of the Angelus bell is broadcast at noon and 6pm on RTÉ (Radio Teilifís Éireann) Radio. The ringing of the Angelus bell is accompanied by imagery at 6pm on RTÉ television. The broadcasting of the Angelus began in response to requests from some members of the public. Discussions were held between Mr Leon Ó Broin Secretary of the Department of Posts and Telegraphs and Archbishop of Dublin John Charles McQuaid in 1948. It was agreed to broadcast the sounding of the angelus bell.

A search for a suitable bell was carried out by engineers from Radio Éireann. However Archbishop McQuaid was in favour of using the bell in St Mary’s Pro-Cathedral in Dublin city centre. From there the Angelus bell would be broadcast at precisely six o’clock from the Radio Éireann studios then located in the GPO on O’Connell Street. Today the bells from the Pro-Cathedral are used during the broadcast of the Angelus on both radio and television.

When television broadcasting of the Angelus began pictures of the Annunciation were shown. This was changed in 2009 and again in 2015. Now the broadcast shows people in a period of reflection at the sound of the bell.

The Angelus was first broadcast on Radio Éireann in the year 1950 On This Day.

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