26 August-Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa was a Loreto Sister. She did part of her training at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham in Dublin, Ireland. Having been a Loreto nun for 20 years she founded the Roman Catholic order of nuns known as the Missionaries of Charity. Today the order has over 4,500 sisters in centres around the globe. In October 2003 the title ‘Blessed’ was bestowed on Mother Teresa.

Blessed Mother Teresa was born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in the Republic of Macedonia in 1910. In 1928 she moved to Dublin to join the Sisters of Loreto at Loreto Abbey in Rathfarnham. She continued her training in India and on May 24th 1931 took her religious vows as a nun. Sister Teresa, as she was then known, taught at the school of the Loreto Order in Calcutta until 1948.

Having experienced what she called ‘the call within the call’ Sister Teresa began devoting herself to caring for the sick and the poor in 1948. She founded the Missionaries of Charity and became known as Mother Teresa of Calcutta. The Missionaries of Charity order is now active in over 130 countries caring for the sick and the poor. Mother Teresa has been the recipient of several awards, including the Nobel peace prize in 1979. She died in Calcutta at the age of 87 on September 5th 1997.

Mother Teresa was born in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia in the year 1910 On This Day.

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