14 September-Edel Quinn

Edel Quinn, who worked as a lay missionary in east Africa from 1936 to 1944, was a native Co Cork Ireland. Though suffering from tuberculosis she was described by Bishop McCarthy of Zanzibar as ‘an extraordinary individual; courageous, zealous and optimistic’. Pope John Paul II declared Edel Quinn venerable on December 15th 1994.

Edel Mary Quinn was born in Kanturk Co Cork in 1907. Having completed second level education she wished to join the Poor Clare Order of Nuns. She was unable to do so because she had contracted tuberculosis. She began working instead with the Legion of Mary, helping the poor of Dublin.

In 1936 Quinn became a Legion of Mary envoy in Africa. She was based in Nairobi, Kenya but her work led her to travel widely in east and central Africa. Though she was in poor health she succeeded in establishing branches of the Legion of Mary in several East African countries and on the Island of Mauritius. She died at the age of 36 in Nairobi on May 12th 1944.

Edel Quinn was born in the year 1907 On This Day.

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