26 September-Ballykealy House

Ballykealy House is located near the village of Ballon about 8 Km south of Carlow town, Ireland. It was once the home of the Lecky family. Today it is a hotel known as Ballykealy Manor Hotel. The Lecky family lived at Ballykealy House from 1649 until they sold the house and surrounding lands in 1953.

The land surrounding Ballykealy House, extending to about 150 hectares, was purchased by the Land Commission. Ballykealy House was purchased in the early 1960’s by the Patrician Order for use as a novitiate. The present Tudor-Gothic style house which was built in the 1820’s was designed by Thomas Cobden.

When Colonel Rupert Beauchamp Lecky sold Ballykealy House, he moved to London with his family. Within a few years bankruptcy proceedings were instituted against him. At the time his liabilities exceeded his assets by around £4,000. The bankruptcy proceedings were due for hearing in September 1957.

On the morning of the hearing Colonel Lecky, having said goodbye to his wife and family, got on a train to travel to London. He was never seen again. Efforts to locate him continued for many years. The search covered Britain, Ireland and locations in Europe. He was not found and the file on Colonel Lecky remains open at Scotland Yard.

Colonel Rupert Beauchamp Lecky of Ballykealy House near Carlow disappeared without trace in the year 1957 On This Day.

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