27 September-LIT Tipperary

Limerick Institute of Technology (LIT) is an institution of higher education in Limerick, Ireland which offers courses from undergraduate through to PhD. The Institute also caters for craft apprentices and adult and continuing education. LIT which has a student population of 7,000 has campuses in Limerick city, Thurles and Clonmel in County Tipperary and in Ennis, County Clare.

The campuses in Thurles and Clonmel are known as LIT Tipperary. They were formerly known as Tipperary Rural and Business Development Institute and operated under the name of Tipperary Institute. Tipperary Institute was opened in 1999. In 2011 it was merged with LIT and the name was changed to LIT Tipperary. LIT Tipperary provides courses fully accredited under the Higher Education and Training awards Council.

Tipperary Rural and Business Development Institute, now LIT Tipperary, was officially opened in the year 1999 On This Day.

Creators of Modern Warfare 3 networking technology meet LIT-Tipperary Students by RedCraig on 2012-01-11 12:12:10

Tipperary Institute Schoolworks 2007 by topgold on 2007-03-05 14:29:34


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