02 November-George Bernard Shaw

George Bernard Shaw was an Irish playwright and co-founder of the London School of Economics. He visited Carlow town, Ireland in February 1918. He came to Carlow to view the various properties in the town which he had inherited from Thomas Gurly, his mother’s grandfather.

George Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on July 26th 1856. He was raised in Dublin and moved to London in 1876 at the age of 20. In London he lived for a time with his mother who had moved to London a few years previously. Shaw became a successful author and wrote over sixty plays. He is the only person in history to be awarded both the Nobel Prize in Literature (1925) and an Academy Award (1938).

George Bernard Shaw and Charlotte Payne-Townshend of Rosscarbery Co Cork married in London in 1898. He made his first visit back to Ireland in 1905. On that occasion he and his wife stayed at his wife’s family home in West Cork. From that year on Shaw and his wife frequently spent their holidays in Ireland. They visited Dublin and often stayed for extended periods in the southwest of the country. Shaw visited Ireland for the last time in 1924 when he finished writing Saint Joan whilst staying at Parknasilla in Co Kerry.

Shortly after his visit to Carlow in 1918 Shaw gave a building on Dublin Street known as the Assembly Rooms as a gift to the Carlow Technical Instruction Committee. He made a stipulation that the building was to be used for educational purposes. The Committee converted the building to a school which opened as Carlow Technical School in 1923. This school is reputed to have been the first co-educational second level school in Ireland.

The school, which is now known as Carlow Vocational School, moved to the Kilkenny Road in the early 1970’s. A portrait of George Bernard Shaw hangs in the main lobby of the school. Because of increasing enrolments Carlow Vocational School will move to a new building in September 2017. The new institution will be called Tyndall College in honour of world famous scientist John Tyndall who was born about 12km south of Carlow town in Leighlinbridge in August 1820.

Over twenty years after his visit to Carlow, Shaw made a bequest of his remaining properties in Carlow to Carlow Urban Council. However the town council had no authority to accept the gift. Shaw wrote to the government and as result an act was passed allowing the council to accept the gifted property. He stipulated the rents from the properties amounting to £180 become the part of a Civic Improvement Fund.

George Bernard Shaw died at the age of 94 in the year 1950 On This Day.

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