24 December-Barwell Meteorite

Barwell near Leicester, England was the site where one of the largest meteorites recorded in British history, landed in December 1965. At around 4.20pm on Christmas Eve, what looked like a bright star in the East, was a meteor burning up as it passed through the Earth’s atmosphere. The people of Barnwell heard a sonic boom as the meteorite broke up and landed in various locations.

Nobody was hurt, as fragments of the meteorite landed, but some property was damaged. The 4.5 billion year old rock attracted large numbers of meteorite hunters. Fragments of the meteorite are held at several locations including the natural History Museum and the Herbert Museum in Coventry.

The Barwell Meteorite landed in the year 1965 On This Day.

Meteorite, Natural History Museum, Oxford by TEDizen on 2005-07-13 14:47:10


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