06 January-Irish Farmers Association

The Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) is the largest representative organisation for farmers in Ireland. It was founded as the National Farmers’ Association (NFA) in 1955 and has a membership today of over 85,000. The IFA works to support farmers over a wide range of issues and to improve farm incomes.

A mass meeting of 2,000 farmers from all over Ireland was held in Dublin in January 1955. The meeting led to the establishment of the National Farmers’ Association. Mr Juan Greene was elected as first president. Peter Murphy from Clonegal, Co Carlow played a leading role in the establishment of the NFA. The National Farmers’ Association later merged with other organisations to form the Irish Farmers’ Association.

The National Farmers’ Association was founded in the Four Provinces Ballroom in Dublin in the year 1955 On This Day.

Farmers Protest Dublin photo

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