09 January-Bridie Gallagher

Bridie Gallagher was a singer who was a native of Donegal, Ireland. She became Ireland’s first international pop star, selling millions of records over a 50-year career. Known as the ‘The Girl for Donegal’, Bridie performed at venues around Ireland and across the globe.

Bridie Gallagher was born at Creeslough, County Donegal on September 7th 1924. She began her career with a local Céili Band. She became internationally famous with recordings such as ‘The Boys From County Armagh’ and ‘The Homes of Donegal’.

Apart from her performances in Ireland Gallagher also performed at venues such as the London Palladium, Royal Albert Hall, the Lincoln Centre in New York and Sydney Opera House. She also performed on radio and television in Ireland and abroad.

Bridie Gallagher died in Belfast at the age of 87 in the year 2012 On This Day.

Creeslough, Donegal



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