30 January-Edward Martyn

Edward Martyn was a dramatist and political activist who was a native of Co Galway, Ireland. He was born in 1859 into a family of Catholic landed gentry. Following the foundation of Sinn Féin by Arthur Griffithin 1905, Martyn was elected as the first president. He served as president of the organisation from 1905 to 1908. Martyn was related to the Unionist politician, Edward Carson

Edward Martyn was born at Tulira Castle near Gort in Co Galway in January 1859. He was educated at Belvedere College Dublin, Beaumont College London and Christ Church, Oxford. Martyn played a leading role in Ireland’s cultural renaissance. With Yeats, Lady Gregory, George Moore and others, he formed the Irish Literary Theatre which eventually became the Abbey Theatre. He also helped establish the Palestrina Choir and the Feis Ceoil. He died at the age of 64 on December 5th 1923.

Edward Martyn was born in the year 1859 On This Day.

Tulira Castle, Co Galway, Ireland

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