17 February-Colour Television

The earliest television system was known as mechanical television. Scottish born engineer John Logie Baird was one of its inventors. His invention was a development of a system of image transmission which had been invented by German physicist Arthur Korn in 1907.

Baird completed the first transmission of pictures of objects in motion on October 22nd 1925. On that occasion he transmitted a televised image of a ventriloquist’s dummy. Baird gave the first public demonstration of his invention on 26th January 1926. He gave the demonstration for members of the Royal Institution at his laboratory in the Soho district of London.

In July 1928 Baird developed the first system for the transmission of colour television. He continued to develop and improve the quality of the transmitted images. In 1939 he gave the first colour television demonstration at the Dominion Theatre in London. In a short time however the system invented by Baird was surpassed by electronic television.

The first public demonstration of colour television system took place at the Dominion Theatre in London in the year 1938 On This Day.

1956 RCA Color Television Advertisement Readers Digest April 1956


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