22 March-Irish National Lottery

The largest ever Lotto Jackpot in Ireland of €18.9 million was won by a syndicate at Morrissey’s Quarry in Carlow on June 28th 2008. Lotto is one of the games run by the Irish National Lottery. Other games include EuroMillions, and Daily Million. The Irish National Lottery also sells a wide range of scratch cards and runs televised bingo and game shows.

The Irish National Lottery was established under the National Lottery Act, 1986. It is the state lottery of Republic of Ireland. In 1930 the Irish Government established a lottery called the Irish Hospital Sweepstake. The aim was to provide funds for investment in hospitals and medical services. The Sweepstake ran for 56 years and raised millions for Ireland’s health infrastructure.

When the Irish Sweepstake was established it was the only legal sweepstake in the world. By the 1960’s lotteries had begun to be legalised in the United States. This led to a decline in the sale of tickets for the Irish Sweepstake. The final Sweepstake prize draw was held in 1986, the same year the Irish National Lottery was established. The National Lottery was established to help fund sport and recreation, health and welfare, national heritage and the arts, the Irish language, and the natural environment.

In November 2014 the Irish Government awarded a twenty year licence to Premier Lotteries Ireland to operate the National Lottery. The government will receive over €400 million for the licence, some of which will go towards the building of the new National Children’s Hospital in Dublin. The lottery now processes over four million sales and prize payments each week. It is reported that over 2 million Irish people play National Lottery games each week.

The Irish National Lottery was launched in the year 1987 On This Day.

Irish National Lottery Scratchcard

Old & New Lotto



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