29 March-Irish Times

The Irish Times is a newspaper which is published in Ireland. It is published every day of the week except Sundays. It has a circulation of about 80,000 per day and it is claimed that it is read by over 600,000 readers daily. As well as covering news stories of the day from Ireland and abroad, the Irish Times also reports on matters such as sport, business and property. Apart from expert opinion and analysis, the paper also carries a vast array of items catering for a huge range of interests.

Though a newspaper using the name Irish Times was published in 1823 the present publication was established in 1859 by Major Lawrence E. Knox. He was a supporter of Isaac Butt’s Home Rule League. The paper was based at 4 Lower Abbey Street in Dublin and for the first few months was published only on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. The first editor of The Irish Times was Dr George Ferdinand Shaw, a journalist and Professor at trinity College Dublin.

The Irish Times was bought in 1873 by the Arnott family. The Arnott family were owners of a major department store in Dublin. In 1895 the paper moved its offices to D’Olier Street where it was to remain until it moved to its present location on Tara Street in 2006. Today, 156 years after it was first published, the Irish Times continues to be a popular and thriving Irish newspaper.

The Irish Times was first published in the year 1859 On This Day.

Irish Times

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Irish Times Clock

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