06 May-Holy Cross Church Killeshin

Holy Cross Church in Killeshin near Carlow town, Ireland, was completed in 1821 to the design of architect, Thomas Cobden. Cobden designed many public buildings, private residences and churches in the Carlow/Wexford area. In Carlow town these included the Roman Catholic Cathedral, St Mary’s Church of Ireland and Scott’s Church. Cobden lived in Carlow for a number of years.

Holy Cross Church is described as a modest but spacious building in stone and brick. Located at the foot of the Killeshin hills it was described by Lewis as standing on an artificial mound. Its windows are Gothic in style and there are octagonal towers on each corner of the building.

The church was dedicated by the then Bishop of Kildare & Leighlin, Dr James Doyle, also known as JK L (James Kildare and Leighlin). He had served with Wellington’s army during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. As bishop he was a campaigner for Catholic Emancipation. Catholic Emancipation came about when the Catholic Relief Act was passed by the Wellington Government in 1829, eight years after Doyle had dedicated the Holy Cross Church at Killeshin.

The foundation stone for Holy Cross Church, Killeshin was laid in the year 1819 On This Day.

                                               Holy Cross Church, Killeshin.




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