30 July-MGM Lion Jackie

The Hollywood film studio Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer uses a lion as its mascot. The first lion used was born in Dublin Zoo on March 20th 1919. Known as Slats he made his first appearance in 1924 for the film ‘He Who Gets Slapped’. Slats was the only MGM lion not to roar as his appearance took place during the era of silent movies.

Slats appeared on all MGM films between 1924 and 1928. He died in 1936 having sired 24 cubs. Following his retirement in 1928 Slats was replaced by Jackie. It was at the time of the advent of sound in the movies and Jackie was the first lion to be heard roar. He retired in 1931. Since Jackie five other lions have been used for the MGM logo.

Jackie the lion roared for the first time to introduce first MGM talking movie in the year 1928 On This Day.

Leo the MGM Lion’s Ryan Brougham




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