16 october-Cork Airport

Cork Airport is an international airport which is located 6.5km south of Cork city, Ireland. After Dublin, Belfast International and Belfast City it is the fourth busiest on the island of Ireland. The airport caters for almost 2.5 million passengers annually. Passengers passing through Cork can travel to over 50 destinations in Great Britain and Continental Europe.

The establishment of an airport at Cork was fist discussed in 1928. Several studies were undertaken before and airfield was established at Farmers Cross in 1948. In 1957 the Irish Government sanctioned the building of an airport for Cork. Construction began in 1959 and the airport began operations in 1961.

Cork Airport catered for over 10.000 passengers in its first year of operation. By 2016 the airport was handling over 2 million passengers. It is serviced by eleven airlines flying to a wide range of destinations. Recently Norwegian Air International began flying from Cork Airport to North America.

Cork Airport, the international gateway to the South of Ireland, was officially opened in the year 1961 On This Day.

Cork Airport

Cork Airport


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