01 November-First Aerial Bomb

Bombing from an airplane occurred for the first time when 1.5 kg of bombs were dropped on the Tanguira oasis in Libya in 1911. The bombing took place during the Italian-Turkish War (1911-1912). The aerial bombing of cities and centres of population was developed during World War 1. It was expanded during World War II and today continues to be a major element of war.

Giulio Gavotti was an Italian reconnaissance pilot. In 1911 he was on a reconnaissance mission in Libya on a Taube monoplane. He threw four grenades from his plane on a Turkish camp at Ain Zara about 8km west of the city of Tripoli. None of the Turkish forces were injured during the bombing.

Bombs were dropped from a plane for the first time by Italian forces on Turkish positions in Libya during the Italian-Turkish War in the year 1911 On This Day.





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