06 November-Johnny Giles

Johnny Giles is a native of Dublin. He is a former Irish international football player who played with distinction for his country. He acted as player-manager of Republic of Ireland national football team from 1973 to 1980. Giles played most of his club football in England.

Michael John Giles was born in Dublin in 1940. Born into a footballing family he played for Dublin club Stella Maris as a youth. At the age of sixteen he moved to England where he began his playing career with Manchester United. Giles remained with Manchester United until 1963, making 99 appearances for the club and scoring 10 goals.

In 1963 Johnny Giles transferred to Leeds United. During the following 12 years he made 383 appearances with the club and scored 88 goals. From 1975 until his retirement in 1983 Giles played successively for West Bromwich Albion, Philadelphia Fury and Shamrock Rovers.

Giles made his first appearance for the Republic of Ireland at the age of 18 in 1959. He went on to make 59 appearances for his country and scored five goals. Giles also served as manager of the Republic of Ireland national team and several professional football clubs. He has worked as a sports journalist and as a successful television football pundit.

Johnny Giles, former Irish international football player, was born in Dublin in the year 1940 On This Day.

01 November-First Aerial Bomb

Bombing from an airplane occurred for the first time when 1.5 kg of bombs were dropped on the Tanguira oasis in Libya in 1911. The bombing took place during the Italian-Turkish War (1911-1912). The aerial bombing of cities and centres of population was developed during World War 1. It was expanded during World War II and today continues to be a major element of war.

Giulio Gavotti was an Italian reconnaissance pilot. In 1911 he was on a reconnaissance mission in Libya on a Taube monoplane. He threw four grenades from his plane on a Turkish camp at Ain Zara about 8km west of the city of Tripoli. None of the Turkish forces were injured during the bombing.

Bombs were dropped from a plane for the first time by Italian forces on Turkish positions in Libya during the Italian-Turkish War in the year 1911 On This Day.