31 January-Trotsky

Leon Trotsky was one of the leaders of the Russian revolution. He was the founder of the Red Army. An opponent of Joseph Stalin, Trotsky was expelled from the Communist Party in 1927 and exiled to Kazakhstan in 1928. He was deported from Russia to Turkey 1929. He later lived for a time in France and Norway

Trotsky applied for asylum in Ireland in 1930. His request was refused. He was later given asylum in Mexico. Just over ten years after being deported from Russia, Trotsky was assassinated on August 21st 1940. He was attacked and murdered with and ice pick at his home in Mexico by a Stalinist assassin.

Leon Trotsky was exiled to the city of Almaty in Kazakhstan in the year 1928 On This Day.

Casa de Trotsky




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