31 May-Bombing of Dublin in World War II

The North Strand area of Dublin City, Ireland was bombed by the German Luftwaffe during World War II. The bombing resulted in the deaths of twenty eight people. It was one of many bombing incidents carried out by the Germans in several parts of Ireland during the war. In all thirty four people were killed and many more were injured in Ireland by German bombs during World War II.

On the night of the bombing in Dublin, four high-explosive bombs were dropped by German aircraft. Three of the bombs damaged property, injured many but caused no loss of life. The fourth bomb killed 28 people and injured 90. It destroyed 17 houses and severely damaged a large number of others. Over 400 people were left homeless.

In the aftermath of the bombing Hitler’s NAZI (National Socialist Party) Government accepted responsibility for the bombing and promised compensation. However it was not until 1958 that compensation was paid by the Government of West Germany. In 2001, on the 60th anniversary of the bombing a plaque was unveiled at Charleville Public Library to commemorate the victims.

The terror, death and destruction of the Second World came to the North Strand area of Dublin City in the year 1941 On This Day.

North Strand Bombing photo


Photo by infomatique

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