03 August-Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction

George Francis FitzGerald was a physicist who was a native of Dublin. He is best known for developing the theory, the Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction. The theory was used by Albert Einstein in his Theory of Relativity.

George Francis FitzGerald was born in Dublin in 1851 and was educated at Trinity College Dublin. In 1881 he was appointed professor of natural and experimental philosophy at Trinity. He served there for the rest of his career. As well as developing the Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction, Fitzgerald made important contributions in other areas including electromagnetic theory.

George Francis FitzGerald, best known for the development of the Fitzgerald-Lorentz Contraction, was born in Dublin in the year 1851 On This Day.

George Francis FitzGerald.jpg

George Francis Fitzgerald


I never saw anything like it in my life before! (an early flying machine?)


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