03 March-Roger Bannister

Roger Bannister is former athlete who is a native of England. In 1954 he became the first person in history to run a mile (1.61km) in less than four minutes. Though it was a feat many believed to be impossible at that time, it now the competition standard for all male middle distance runners.

Roger Bannister was born in Harrow, Middlesex, England on March 23rd 1929. He studied medicine and graduated from St Mary’s College Medical School in 1954. He continued his medical studies becoming a neurologist in 1964.

A successful athlete during his school years, Bannister continued his involvement in athletics at University. He competed in the 1,500m in the 1952 Olympics in Helsinki where he finished fourth. After the Olympics he resolved to run the mile in less than four minutes. He succeeded in his endeavour on May 6th 1954 at the Iffley Road Track in Oxford, when he ran a mile in 3 minutes, 59.4 seconds. Following his retirement from athletics he pursued a successful career as a neurologist.

Roger Bannister, who became the first person in history to run a mile (1.61km) in less than four minutes, died aged 88 in the year 2018 On This Day.


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