24 July-Croppies Grave

The Croppies Grave is located on 98th Street, Griaguecullen, Carlow. The grave is the resting place of over six hundred people who died in the Battle of Carlow which took place on May 25th 1798. Those who died in the battle were buried in a mass grave and covered in quick lime. The Battle of Carlow was part of the United Irishmen Rising of 1798.

One hundred years after the mass burial, a memorial Celtic Cross was erected at the Croppies Grave. The cross, which is over 4.5 metres (15 feet) is carved form local limestone. The inscription on the cross is in both Irish and English. (In memory of the 640 United Irishmen who gave their lives for their country at the Battle of Carlow May 25th 1798). To the right of the cross there is a memorial slab which was donated by Rowan McCoombe, town councillor of Carlow.

In a ceremony marking the centenary of the Rebellion of 1798 a memorial cross to the United Irishmen who died in the Battle of Carlow was unveiled in the year 1898 On This Day.






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