09 August-D’Israeli School

D’Israeli School is located at Bough close to the village of Rathvilly about 20km east of Carlow town Ireland. It was established with funds provided by Bough resident, Benjamin D’israeli who was the uncle of British Prime Minister also named Benjamin D’israeli. The school was non-denominational and was established ‘for the education of the poor of Rathvilly’.

Benjamin D’Israeli was born in England in 1766. He moved to Ireland at a young age. Having served an apprenticeship in Lotteries and Insurance he went on to establish his own successful business. He became very wealthy and acquired large amounts of property in Dublin and Carlow.

In Carlow, having purchased Beechy Park near Rathvilly, D’israeli took up residence there in 1809. However he died in 1814 at the age of 48. Beechy Park was subsequently owned by various families. It was sold for €5.35m in 2008. D’Israeli bequeathed £3000 for the establishment and support of a non-denominational school. D’Israeli School was completed in 1826. It operated as a school until 1977. It is now a community centre.

Benjamin D’Israeli, who founded of a non-denominational school ‘for the education of the poor of Rathvilly’, Co Carlow, Ireland, died in the year 1814 On This Day.


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