18 September-Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was a musician singer and songwriter who was a native of Washington, USA. Though he had a short career he became one of the most influential musicians in the history of Rock Music. His innovative guitar playing was a feature of his exciting performances.

Johnny Allen Hendrix was born in Seattle, Washington on November 27th 1942. He was of Irish, African American and Cherokee ancestry. He began playing the guitar at the age of 15. By the time he appeared at the Woodstock Festival in 1969 Hendrix was the highest paid performer in the world. β€˜The Star Spangled Banner was one of his most memorable performances at Woodstock. He was the headline performer at the Isle of Wight Festival in England in 1970.

Jimi Hendrix died at the age of 27 in Kensington, London in the year 1970 On This Day.

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