30 April-Lyrath Estate

Lyrath Estate Hotel is located on the outskirts of Kilkenny City, Ireland. It is a 5 star hotel set in almost 70 hectares of mature parkland. The hotel consists of the restored 17th century house carefully combined with a modern building. The house and surrounding estate were once the home of the Tobin family. The Tobin family were evicted by Oliver Cromwell following his capture Kilkenny City in 1650.

James Butler Marquess of Ormonde, from the Irish Confederate capital of Kilkenny led the army opposing Cromwell when he arrived to conquer Ireland. Cromwell had been ruling England as a republic since 1649. Butler’s army was forced to retreat from Rathmines following a surprise attack.

Having taken Drogheda Cromwell marched South capturing Wexford and Waterford. When Carlow and New Ross had surrendered to him Cromwell laid siege to Kilkenny and captured the City. In May 1650 Cromwell returned to England to lead an army to conquer Scotland. By 1653 the conquest of Ireland by Cromwell’s army under Ireton was complete.

Many landlords, including the Tobin family, had their lands confiscated. Richard Tobin of Lyrath House like many other landowners was ordered to move to Connaught. The orders gave rise to the expression: ‘To hell or to Connaught’. The Penal Laws already in place in England were imposed on Ireland. Most of the ordinary population, however remained on the estates and many of the estates were restored to their original owners after the English Restoration of 1660.

Though it was put back to March 1st 1655 Richard Tobin of Lyrath had a certificate of ‘Transplantation to Connaught’ signed in the year 1654 On This Day.