19 March-Richie Kavanagh

Richie Kavanagh is an award winning entertainer from Carlow, Ireland. In 2011 at the age of 61 he announced in an interview with Sue Nunn of KCLR (Kilkenny & Carlow Local Radio) that he had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Despite the announcement Kavanagh continues to perform and launched his latest album, ‘My Girlfriend Has New iPhone’, in September 2015.

Richie Kavanagh was born in Raheenwood, Fenagh, Co Carlow, Ireland in 1949. He had his first hit with ‘Aon Focal Eile’ (One More Word). The song, which was first played on local radio, became a national runaway hit when the late Gerry Ryan began playing it on his morning show on RTE radio. It reached Number One in 1996 and stayed in the charts for 27 weeks. The song, which earned Richie an Irish Recorded Music Award (IRMA) caused some controversy and was banned by some of the BBC radio stations.

Kavanagh has gone on to have hits with songs such as ‘Mickey’s Buckin’ Ass’, ‘Me Girlfriends Pussy Cat’ and ‘If I didn’t get a Ride’. He also writes and records songs which celebrate the heritage of his native Carlow. Today Kavanagh is still writing, recording and playing to packed venues in Ireland, England, America and Monte Carlo. He has said that being diagnosed with Parkinson’s has made him determined to make the most of his life and that as long as his voice holds up he will continue to perform. His latest album My Girlfriend Has New iPhone was released at the National Ploughing Championships at Ratheniska Co Laois in September 2015.

Richie Kavanagh was born in the year 1949 On This Day.

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12 February-Fergus Slattery

Fergus Slattery is a native of Co Dublin. He was a member of the Ireland National Rugby Union team from 1970 to 1984. During that time Slattery played 61 times for Ireland. He was captain on 18 occasions.

John Fergus Slattery was born in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin in 1949. He attended Blackrock College where he played his schools rugby. He later played for University College Dublin before joining Blackrock Rugby Football Club.

On January 24th 1970 Slattery played his first Five Nations game for Ireland against France at the Stade Colombes in Paris. He went on to play for Ireland on 61 occasions. He captained Ireland on the successful 1979 tour of Australia. Slattery also toured with the Lions on two occasions. He played his final Five Nations game for Ireland, also against France, on January 21st 1984 at Parc Des Princes in Paris.

Fergus Slattery was born in the year 1949 On This Day.

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22 December-Maurice Gibb

Maurice Gibb CBE together with his brothers Robin and Barry formed the pop group The Bee Gees. The group, which was formed in 1958, became one of the world’s best-selling and most successful music groups of all time.

Maurice Ernest Gibb and his twin brother Robin Hugh Gibb were born in December 1949 in Douglas Isle of Man. When Maurice was four years old the Gibb family moved to Manchester in 1955. Always interested in music and singing, the Gibb brothers began performing in public from an early age. Following the formation of the Bee Gees, Maurice, a singer and songwriter, played both guitar and keyboard.

The Bee Gees had their first international hit in 1967. During the 1970’s they enjoyed success with songs such as ‘Staying Alive’ and ‘How Deep Is Your Love’. The three brothers continued to record and perform until Maurice died in Miami Beach, Florida at the age of 53 on January 12th 2003.

Maurice Ernest Gibb, CBE was born in Douglas, Isle of Man in the year 1949 On This Day.

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20 August-Phil Lynott

Phil Lynott was one of Ireland’s most famous musicians. He was a founding member of rock group Thin Lizzy. Lynott was also the group’s principal songwriter and vocalist. A life-size statue in his honour was erected in Harry Street, Dublin in 2005.

Philip Parris Lynott was born in West Bromwich in England in 1949. Lynott’s mother Philomena was from Dublin. She moved to England to work in Birmingham where she met Lynott’s father Cecil Parris who was from Georgetown, Guyana. Phil Lynott lived in England with his mother until 1953.

He moved to Crumlin in Dublin to live with his grandmother Sarah Lynott when he was four years old. Educated at Christian Brothers School in Crumlin Lynott became lead singer with The Black Eagles in 1965. He went on to become lead vocalist with several bands before forming Thin Lizzy in 1969.

Thin Lizzy became famous with such hit songs as ‘Whiskey in the Jar and ‘The Boys Are back in Town’. Lynott also enjoyed success as a solo performer. He died at the age of 36 on January 4th 1986. He is still a popular figure in the world of music.

Phil Lynott was born in the year 1949 on This Day.

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09 July-Dublin Trams

The Dublin tram service began operation on February 1st 1872. The first service, which was horse drawn, travelled 3km from College Green near the city centre to the suburb of Rathgar. Routes from the city centre to other suburbs were added during the following years. By 1880 the Dublin tram service had trams running over 51 route kilometres.

Electrification of the Dublin tram system began in 1896. The first tram powered by electricity travelled from the suburb of Clontarf to Dublin city centre on March 19th 1898. The entire tram system was converted to electricity by January 1901. The network was extended to several other Dublin suburbs eventually running over 97 route kilometres.

The tram system in Dublin in the early part of the twentieth century was profitable and heavily used. The 1913 lockout and the political upheaval from 1916 to 1922 had a major impact on the system. From 1923 trams had to compete with buses and by the late 1920’s some of the lines went out of service. The decline continued and the tram service in Dublin city ceased in 1949.

The last Dublin Tram left Dublin city centre for the suburb of Dalkey in the year 1949 On This Day.

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