14 March-Linux

Linux is a computer operating system. It is the leading operating system on servers, mainframe and supercomputers. Though only used on minority of desktop computers, it is used in a vast array of other devices including smartphones and tablet computers. The Linux kernel was first developed by Linus Torvalds, a computer science student. Torvalds developed the software while attending the University of Helsinki.

Linus Benedict Torvalds was born in Helsinki Finland on December 28th 1969. He graduated from the University of Helsinki with a master’s degree in computer science in 1996. During his time at university Torvalds released Linux kernel on October 5th 1991. He is the winner of several awards and continues to direct the development of Linux

Linux kernel Version 1.0 was released in the year 1994 On This Day.

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29 December-Browne-Clayton Monument

The Browne-Clayton Monument stands on Carrigadaggan Hill, Carrigbyrne near New Ross in Co Wexford, Ireland. It was designed by Thomas Cobden, the architect who designed many well-known buildings in Carlow and Wexford. The monument, which was built by Lieutenant General Robert-Clayton Browne, is a 28.7m tall Corinthian column. It is modelled on Pompey’s Pillar which is located in the city of Alexandria in Egypt. Pompey’s Pillar, which was built in 296AD, commemorates the victory of the Roman Emperor Diocletian over Domitian who had tried to usurp the Emperors authority in Egypt.

Lieutenant General Robert-Clayton Browne was a son of Robert Browne of Browne’s Hill near Carlow town. He served with the British Army in Egypt in 1801, during the victorious campaign against the French under Napoleon. His commanding officer Sir Ralph Abercrombie died of wounds he received during a battle in the city of Alexandria. When Clayton-Browne returned to Ireland he set about building the monument in commemoration of Abercrombie.

The building of the monument began in 1839. It is reported that hundreds of Italian craftsmen were brought to Wexford to help with the building. The monument was built with stone was from Mount Leinster and was completed in 1841. There is a viewing platform inside the column’s capitol which is accessed by an internal spiral staircase. It is the only internally accessible Corinthian column in the world. The viewing platform gives spectacular views of the surrounding countryside.

The Monument was struck by lightning in 1994 and badly damaged. Restoration was carried out with funding from The World Monument Fund, Wexford County Council, An Taisce, The Irish Georgian Society and The Government. The Monument was reopened in October 2004 by a member of the Browne-Clayton family.

The Browne-Clayton Monument near New Ross, Co Wexford was struck by lightning and severely damaged in the year 1994 On This Day.

The Browne Clayton Monument

Browne-Clayton Monument