18 May-Carlow Golf Club

Carlow Golf Club is a championship 18-hole course located at Deerpark, Carlow, Ireland. It was originally located at Gotham near Carlow. Carlow Golf Club is regarded as one of the premier golf courses in Ireland. In Golf Digest Magazine’s ‘Top 100 Golf Courses in Ireland’, it is consistently ranked in the top 30.

Carlow Golf Club was officially opened in the townland of Gotham in July 1899 as 9-hole course. Gotham is located about 5km north of Carlow town. Known then as The Royal Leinster Golf Club it was established close to the railway station at Maganey. The Club was designated for use by golfers from both Carlow and Athy.

In the years following the opening of the golf course at Gotham, the number of members from Athy began to dwindle. Arising from this the club changed name to Carlow Golf Club on June 27th 1902. In the same year the club was affiliated to the Golfing Union of Ireland. The first captain of the club was Captain C. Duckett-Steuart.

Until 1922 Carlow Golf Club remained at Gotham. In that year it moved to its present location at Deerpark near Carlow town. Deerpark was then part of the De Bruen estate. The De Bruen estate was purchased by the Land Commission in 1960. The Land Commission sold the Deerpark site to Carlow Golf Club in May 1961.

Today Carlow Golf Club is regarded as one of the premier golf courses in Ireland. The sandy subsoil which makes the course naturally free-draining means the course can be played all year round. It has elevated tees, excellent dog-legs and large slick greens. The course has attracted many famous players down the years. Not least among these is Ryder Cup player Christy O Connor Jnr. O’Connor was the club professional for several years up until 1976.

Carlow Golf Club has played host to many prestigious tournaments such the 2002 Irish Close Championship and the 2005 World One Arm Championship. It is home to The Midland Scratch Cup, the oldest scratch cup in Ireland.

Carlow Golf Club was founded at a meeting in the Clubhouse Hotel on Dublin Street in Carlow town in the year 1899 On This Day.


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