01 August-Kilkenny City

Kilkenny is a medieval city located on the banks of the River Nore in the southeast of Ireland about 130km from Dublin. It has a population of almost 25,000 and is the administrative centre for Co Kilkenny. Including Lisburn (71,465), Newry (27,433) and Armagh (14,749), Kilkenny is one of just four inland cities on the island Ireland.

Settlement in Kilkenny can be traced back to early medieval times. Following the Norman invasion the Anglo-Norman Lord of Leinster William Marshall gave Kilkenny its first charter and the first Council was elected in 1231. The chief magistrate was called the Sovereign and the Kilkenny became the seat of the Lordship of Leinster. Since 1231 Kilkenny has continued to have a municipal government.

Almost 400 years after the granting of its first charter, Kilkenny sought to be elevated to the status of a ‘city’. Thomas Butler of Kilkenny Castle, a cousin of Queen Elizabeth I through Anne Boleyn, was at the time the 10th Earl of Ormonde. It was during his time that city status was obtained for Kilkenny. In 1609 six years after James I became King of England Nicholas Langton was sent to London by Kilkenny Corporation to receive a Royal Charter creating Kilkenny a city.

Following the granting of the Charter the Sovereign at the time, Thomas Ley, became the Mayor. The city of Kilkenny continues to have a Mayor to this day. In recent years the enactment of Local Government Acts allows for ‘the continued use of the description city’.

After the Rebellion of 1641 the ‘Confederation of Kilkenny’ was based in Kilkenny. The conquest of Ireland by Cromwell in 1649 brought an end to the Confederation. During the following centuries Kilkenny city experienced periods of prosperity and of decline. In the 18th century industries such as brewing, coal-mining and the quarrying of marble made Kilkenny a prosperous city. However a period of decline during the 19th century together with the famine meant a large proportion of the population lived in poverty. Today Kilkenny is a thriving tourist and commercial centre. Together with Kilkenny Castle the city retains many of its historical buildings including the Round Tower at St Canice’s, Rothe House and the Tholsel.

Nicholas Langton who received the Royal Charter granting city status to Kilkenny was born in the year 1562 On This Day.

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