30 September-Cumann na nGaedheal

The Irish political party Cumann na nGaedheal (Society of the Gaels) was founded by the politician and writer Arthur Griffith in September 1900. Griffith founded the party to bring together the various nationalist groups which existed in Ireland at that time. In 1933 Cumann na nGaedheal merged with other groups to form the political party which is today known as Fine Gael (Family of the Irish).

Griffith played a leading role in the achievement of Irish independence. Through his writing he was influential in developing many of the ideas behind the movement which eventually led to the break with Britain. He was opposed to violence and was an advocate of peaceful means as the way to achieve Home Rule. As editor of the United Irishman he encouraged the idea of self-government for Ireland. One his ideas was for Irish independence under a dual monarchy.

Following the War of Independence, Griffith was selected to lead the ‘envoys plenipotentiary from the elected government of the Republic of Ireland’ in negotiating the Anglo-Irish Treaty 1921. The Treaty established Ireland as a self-governing Free State and was ratified by 64 votes to 57 by Dáil Eireann on January 7th 1922. When those opposed to the Treaty lost the vote, they walked out of parliament led by Éamon de Valera. Arthur Griffith died during the Civil War which followed. The civil war ended in victory for the supporters of the Treaty on May 24th 1923.

Cumann na nGaedheal (Society of the Gaels) was founded by Arthur Griffith in the year 1900 On This Day.

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