22 November-C S Lewis

C S Lewis, author, essayist, broadcaster and lecturer was a native of Belfast, N. Ireland. He was the author of works such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Space Trilogy and The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Lewis was a friend and colleague of the writer, scholar and philologist J R R Tolkien.

Clive Staples Lewis was born in Belfast on November 29th 1898. Having studied at various institutions including Campbell College, Belfast he was awarded a scholarship to University College, Oxford in 1916. Following graduation in 1925, Lewis was elected a Fellow of Magdalen College, Oxford. He remained at Oxford until 1954 when he was appointed chair of Mediaeval and Renaissance Literature at Cambridge University.

At Oxford University, Lewis and Tolkien worked in the English department. They were members a literary group known as the ‘Inklings’. Millions of copies of the works of C S Lewis Lewis’s have been sold. The Chronicles of Narnia are the most popular and have been adapted into various films for television and cinema.

C S Lewis died at the age of 64 at his home in Oxford, England in the year 1963 On This Day.

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