04 April-Watergate Theatre

Watergate Theatre is located in Kilkenny City, Ireland. Described as a centre for the visual and performing arts the theatre has seating for over 300. It provides a wide and varied programme of entertainment, including both amateur and professional performances from home and abroad.

Theatre and the Arts have always had a special place in Kilkenny. In 1802 Sir Richard Power of Kilfane established a theatre in Kilkenny called The Athenaeum. Thomas Moore, ‘The Bard of Erin’ met his wife while performing at the theatre in 1811. The theatre attracted famous actors of the day.

Performances at the Atenaeum were held over eight weeks, two weeks in the Summer season and six in Winter. The performances attracted many visitors who came to the city to enjoy a great festival experience. Charitable organisations in the area were given most of the profits. The Athenaeum closed following a performance of Richard the Third on October 28th 1819.

Watergate Theatre opened on Parliament Street Kilkenny City in 1993 On This Day.

Watergate Theatre

Kilkenny City





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