05 September-Irish Press

Irish Press ltd was officially registered as a company by Éamon de Valera on September 4th 1928. The company went on to publish newspapers such as the Irish Press and the Sunday Press. de Valera travelled to the United States during the War of Independence to raise funds for the first Dáil. 60% of the money raised was used to establish Irish Press. In April 2017 Irish Press shareholders voted to wind up the company.

The first publication by Irish Press ltd was the Irish Press newspaper in 1931. The newspaper was controlled by Éamon de Valera and members of his family. It was published from 1931 to May 25th 1995. It gave consistent support to Fianna Fáil, the political party founded by Éamon de Valera. The paper had a circulation of 200,000 at its peak.

The Irish Press newspaper was first published in the year 1931 On This Day.

March 9, 1966

Irish Press Burgh Quay 1983



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