25 November-Karl Benz

Karl Benz was a mechanical engineer who was a native of Germany. He designed and built what is considered the first practical motorcar. He named his creation the Benz Patent Motorwagen for which he was granted a patent on January 29th 1886. The automobile was the forerunner of the modern day Mercedes-Benz motorcars.

Karl Friedrich Benz was born in Karlsruhe, Germany in 1844. He was educated locally and graduated with a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Karlsruhe on July 9th 1864. He co-founded the company Benz & Cie which merged with Daimler Motors in 1926.

The new company was called Daimler-Benz, which is now part of Daimler AG. The company produces the Mercedes-Benz motorcars, one of the largest automobile brands in the world. Mercedes was the name of a daughter of Emil Jellinek of Daimler Motors.

Karl Benz, who designed and built what is considered the first practical motorcar, was born in the year 1844 On This Day.

Benz Patent-Wagen

Mercedes Benz


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