23 November-Mountbatten

Lord Mountbatten was murdered by a terrorist bomb at Mullaghmore off the coast of County Sligo, Ireland on August 22nd 1979. He was officially known as, Admiral of the Fleet, The Right Honourable the Earl Mountbatten of Burma. Mountbatten, whose home Classiebawn Castle was located in the small seaside village of Mullaghmore, was on a family fishing trip at the time.

Two children, Mountbatten’s grandson Nicholas aged 14 and a local boy Peter Maxwell aged 15 were also murdered. Lady Brabourne, who was a member of the group on the fishing trip died of her injuries the following day. She was aged 83 at the time. Thomas McMahon, a member of the Provisional IRA convicted of the murders.

Thomas McMahon was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Lord Mountbatten and three others in the year 1979 On This Day.

Lord Mountbatten





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