11 December-Erskine Childers

Erskine Childers was elected 4th President of Ireland in 1973. A politician who served in several government ministries during his career, Childers was a member of the Fianna Fáil Party. His father Robert Erskine Childers was a British born writer who spent his childhood in Ireland and played a major role in the Irish revolution.

Erskine Hamilton Childers was born in London, England in 1905. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge, he came to Ireland in 1931 to work for the Irish Press newspaper. He was elected to Dáil Eireann in 1938. He was re-elected at each subsequent election until he resigned his seat in 1973 to become President of Ireland. He died in office at the age of 78 on November 17th 1974.

Erskine Childers, who served as the 4th president of Ireland, was born in the year 1905 On This Day.

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Erskine Childers



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