12 December-Boys Town

Boys Town is located in Nebraska, USA. It is an organisation dedicated to caring for children and families. It was founded in 1917 by Monsignor Edward Flanagan who was a native of Roscommon, Ireland. A film called Boys Town, based on the life of Fr Flanagan was made in 1938. Spencer Tracy playing the part of Fr Flanagan won an Oscar for Best Actor. Today Boys Town is a national organisation with twelve regional headquarters across the United States.

Located ten miles west of Omaha, Boys Town was originally founded to cater for homeless boys. It was opened to girls in 1979. Boys Town did not use the reform school model but instead emphasised the social preparation of children in its care. The model became the standard in several countries.

Boys Town was opened in Nebraska, USA by Monsignor Edward Flanagan from Roscommon, Ireland in the year 1917 On This Day.

Boys Town, Omaha



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