24 January-Boy Scouts

Scouting is a global movement for children aged usually between 10 and 18 years. It is run on the principles laid down by Lord Baden-Powell. Through a programme of structured activities and shared experiences Scouting aims to support the physical, mental and spiritual development of young people. Scouts become involved in activities including camping, woodcraft, first aid, hiking, backpacking and sports.

The Boy Scout Movement was founded in England by Robert Baden-Powell in 1908. A new organization called Girl Guides was created for girls in 1910. Both organisations quickly spread to other countries. Today in most countries, there is a single organization for boys and girls. In Ireland the Scouting Movement is a non-political all-island organisation which has over 50,000 members. It is open to all young people regardless of gender, race, creed, sexual orientation or spiritual belief.

The first Boy Scout troop was organised by Robert Baden-Powell in the year 1908 On This Day.

Robert Baden-Powell (1857-1941)

Boy Scout Awards

John Gormley visits Dundalk boy scouts




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